About Me

Well, I suppose if you don’t already know me, you would want to know that I am a married mother of two, living in the Buckeye Nation (Central Ohio–home of the Ohio State Buckeyes!).  I work outside the home because being there 24/7 would drive me stark raving mad! I am very passionate about all things food.  Mainly, because the role models that I have had in my life have all be excellent cooks, often taking something ho-hum and transforming it into something AWESOME!

I don’t cook anything spectacular, but I do know good food (Midwest gal, remember?) when I taste it. I mark the change in the seasons by what I am cooking:  hearty soups and rustic breads in Winter, delicate baby vegetables and crustless sandwiches in the Spring, sweet corn dripping with butter on a hot Summer day–cooled off by fresh lemonade, and followed closely by Fall’s classic flavors of pumpkin, cloves, cinnamon and a slice of my family’s must-have Pecan Pie.

The hubby is no slouch at cooking either, so his recipes may make a guest appearance here from time to time.  So, with a desire to photograph our food projects, this food blog promises to be one rockin’ good time.


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