Out of the Fire and Into the Frying Pan

Platter of goodness

Platter of goodness

I bought a new cast iron skillet recently.  It was just calling for me to fry something yummy.  So, when I did the usual weekly grocery shopping and unexpectedly found green tomatoes, I knew it was meant to be—Fried Green Tomatoes! The delicious staple of southern hospitality, is both crispy and savory, perfect for a lazy afternoon.

My go-to recipe for fried green tomatoes is a very basic one and variations of it can be found on Allrecipes.com.  A video tutorial of how to prepare them is very handy for those folks new to breading and frying.  The video can be watched here.

Some cooks wait until the end of the growing season to make their fried green tomatoes, using the last-of-the-season fruit.  (Did you know tomatoes are actually fruit?)  I can’t wait until the end of the season for green tomatoes! I can barely wait for my tomatoes to come on the vine this summer.  Patience is not my strong suit! This year I have planted Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter and Kellogg’s Best.  I will make sure to document and share with you the growing (and harvesting) results this summer.  In the mean time, if you find some green tomatoes, here is how to make the best use of them.

Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality



3 Large Green Tomatoes

2 Large Eggs

2/3 Cup Buttermilk

1 Cup All Purpose Flour

1 Cup Corn Meal

1 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs

3 Teaspoons Salt

2 Teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

1 Quart Frying Oil (Vegetable or Olive)


  1.  Slice tomatoes ¼ inch thick, discarding the ends.
  2. Whisk eggs and buttermilk together in a shallow dish.
  3. Add flour onto a separate plate.
  4. Mix cornmeal, bread crumbs, salt and pepper together in a third plate.  Blend well.
  5. Dip tomato slices in flour.  Then dip in the egg/buttermilk mixture.  Finally, dredge the wet tomato slices in the cornmeal/panko mixture and coat well.  Set aside while preparing the oil and frying pan.
  6. In a large (cast iron) skillet, add oil so that a depth of ½ inch is reached.  Heat oil on Medium.
  7. Add a few slices of the coated tomatoes to the pan, allowing plenty of room so that the slices do not touch, helping them to crisp and keeping from becoming soggy.

    Don't crowd your tomato slices

    Don’t crowd your tomato slices

  8. Turn the tomato slices carefully and remove when both sides are golden brown.
  9. Place on paper towels to drain.
  10. Enjoy warm tomato slices with your favorite ranch-style dipping sauce or horseradish sauce.

Let me know how you liked your fried green tomatoes and what sauce you used for dipping, they are all so delicious! Enjoy!

Crispy goodness

Crispy goodness


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