Losing and Finding My Voice

You know in movies, when someone has to write they will often begin, only to scrap the page by scrunching it into a ball, toss it in the waste bin and start over, only to repeat the cycle?  I have done something similar for months now in deciding whether or not to blog about my recipes and restaurant adventures.  Since you are reading this, my choice is now obvious–I’m in!

My main dilemma has been about finding my “writer’s voice” in the very crowded world of food blogging.  As I am typing this today, I have actually lost my voice due to whatever cold/flu thing I caught from my son.  So, sitting here waiting to feel better, with time on my hands and hot creamy tomato soup in my bowl, I have decided that I can only find my “food blog voice” if I exercise it, and learn through trial and error.  This blog is my classroom, you are my teachers.  With luck, I’ll hone my writing and photography skills and you’ll have some fun and good food along the way!  Are you in?

I hope you will check back often to find recipes, product and restaurant reviews, as well as information about sustainable, local food.

When I am feeling better, I will add my first recipe–with photos!  So, bookmark me and come back soon!


2 thoughts on “Losing and Finding My Voice

  1. I will follow you, Mel…I think it will be fun to watch/read/follow your journey! Kind of like my own version of Julie and Julia, or whatever that movie was called…I am not a cook/bake kind of guy…I am actually bored by food…However, I love meatloaf!!! So, I will at some point try this persona-sized orbs of beef heaven!!!

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